Profile Migrator 1.1

Profile Migrator 1.1



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Date Added:02 September, 2012

Author: sepago

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Profile Migrator by sepago is the powerful tool for a centrally controlled migration of individual user settings on desktops and servers: For Windows-based applications and operating systems, all relevant settings can be selected and transferred as required. Profile Migrator can be used for practically all current migration scenarios, as long as the origin system is not older than Windows XP or Windows Server 2003. Version upgrades of common applications such as MS Office, Outlook, Internet Explorer, Windows Explorer or Adobe Acrobat are also supported. High ROI through business continuity and reduced helpdesk enquiries Normally, users are issued with a new standard profile after an upgrade of the operating system. Their individual settings no longer exist in this profile. The unfamiliar environment irritates, the users are frustrated: they have to restore the settings painstakingly for each application, often in consultation with the user help desk. This wastes productive working time and the effort for internal user support increases. Profile Migrator migrates user settings. Users encounter their important and personal settings and quickly become familiar with the new system. This increases the acceptance for innovation in IT and avoids follow-on cost. Profile Migrator is intuitive and easy to use via a graphical user interface (GUI). It centrally controls the migration of the user profiles in three steps: 1. Profile selection 2. Application selection 3. Start of the profile migration. Done. The core of Profile Migrator is sepago's innovative ACS technology (Application Configuration Sets): It documents the software-specific handling of the user settings and saves this information to a file. With the help of the information in an ACS file, Profile Migrator can migrate an application's user settings. Profile Migrator offers administrators the opportunity of constructing their migration project via the ACS files in a modular fashion by letting them choose which application settings are to be migrated for which users. The specified settings can be modified in this process and can be tailored precisely to the respective environment. As an alternative to the GUI, Profile Migrator can also be executed automatically via command line or PowerShell.

Systems: Windows 7, WinXP, Windows Vista, Windows Vista x64, Windows 7 x64

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